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The Temptation to accept as Normal violate Citizen liberties

Readers, viewers and other social actors are saturated with data, contracts, and the so-called fake news, - there is a great one-way media manipulation - but the Media does not say many important questions: Beyond the Corona Virus, conflicts are and in some At the moment they will make a national, global and pandemic hatch.

Let's see:

1. The "trade" war for saying that there is "only one conflict" between them, between China and the United States, is still open. And this transcends the leaders and even many decision groups. The deep state still stands and the PAX ROMANA, although announced, has not yet been signed or declared.

2. If this or that State is working better or worse in the face of the Pandemic, it is not Time to Compare, it is Time to Work and Act within each State and leave comparative declarations aside, as the proverb We will see at the end that it passes and each government will be judged by its fruits. You will know them by their fruits.

3. The conflicts in Syria, Iraq and Yemen are still in force, and what's more, jihadist groups have taken advantage of the withdrawal of the coalitions that are fighting them to intensify their actions, in the cases of the actions of the so-called Islamic State (ISIS or Daesh) and groups linked to Al Qaeda or that at some point were linked to it. And it flares up in parts of Asia like Afghanistan.

4. There is no oil war like in the 70s, but there are still strong conflicts to come about this issue and other energy issues with various states in dispute.

5. Teleworking, Artificial Intelligence and the power of any multinational will not be able to hide what is coming: not only a technological war, but major social conflicts where Technology will not be able to avoid it.

6. New means and new modes of production will arise not peacefully, intra-state and regional wars will continue and there are no pandemics to stop them, because it is the fight for the appropriation of capital.

7. The current multilateral organizations no longer respond to the new world that is coming and were anchored in the postwar period and in petty interests. In fact, they have shown ineffectiveness and lack of foresight, as well as not having informed in due time and form in this Global Pandemic Scenario COVID-19

8. The leaderships of many States at the political level mainly, They are not up to what happens and what will come, and the political class taking care of its narrow interests will go to its own end as we have known it until now.

9. Citizen liberties will be at the mercy of the Leviathan State in the words of Thomas Hobbes or the State of exception in the words of Giorgio Agamben or the freedom fights will emerge with virulence in the future, no matter how much the Media and groups of power and pressure conceal it .

Time will tell its last verdict.