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Two events have monopolized and will continue to capture the global attention of this Weekly Agenda, namely:
1. The so-called Khassoghi case which is still being discussed in the international media, this issue directly has two important global players not only for the Arabian Gulf and countries such as Turkey but also part of the European Community. Both countries - Saudi Arabia and Turkey - with different behavior and diversity of formats represent alliances with the West, especially Saudi Arabia. Mainly because of the important and leading role that Saudi Arabia has had and will continue to have for decades in the resolution of conflicts in the Gulf, the Middle East and the Levant and unquestionably its role in the globalized economy, despite the vicissitudes of the present times . Amen, that the Kingdom of the House of Saud is the custodian of the Islamic religion, one of the expanding religions on a global level, the sacred places of Islam are under the custody of the Kingdom, and that is more than a symbolic field.
2. The other event would be for the countries of South America. Brazil decides on Sunday who will be its next president - no less a question for the so-called Colossus of South America.
The resolution of this election will mark the future alignment of Brazil as a South American power on the chessboard of the Region.
Harold Robinson
Paulo Costa
Eduardo Luis Moggia