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THE USES OF FREEDOM:  In Times of Pandemic

Prof. Mg. Paul Carlson

Studiengruppe Freiheit und Gesellschaft

The Times of COVID 19 have brought a flood of opinions for or against Quarantines, Isolations and other issues. Many in the Name of Freedom point out that rights and private spaces are subjugated, it should be said that the Freedom of one ends when the Rights of Others are initiated. On the other hand, if a State asks us by force majeure - Pandemic - compliance with certain regulations cannot be exceeded to levels that place it on the brink of tyrannies and where civil disobedience and resistance to the rules of the tyrant are legitimate - (doctrine de Suárez and Mariana). That does not imply not complying with Social Regulations for the Good of All.

The Yoistic, egoistic or whatever you want to call Locke do not speak of what a great liberal like the sociologist Max Weber spoke of, Freedom implies an Ethics of Responsibility, the "is my freedom" has social implications and more in Times of Pandemics, to know that one does not live misogeneously in a society. Without Ethics or Responsibility there can be no freedom.

Society is not a whim of the liberals of John Locke and his followers, it is something much more complex, it is Preserving the Whole above the parts, it is making people aware that the subjects do not live isolated or Robinson Crusoe style, but live in a Community of close people (families, neighborhoods, neighborhoods, municipalities) and in a Society of citizens with Rights but also with Duties. The one who transgresses pays or must pay, even at the Unconscious level, according to Jacques Lacan himself.

The times of the Pandemic do not imply a Hobbesian attitude to renounce our Rights to give them to the Leviathan State, where there are Abuses of Authority or moral problems of Life or Death of citizens are not contemplated - these Abuses must be Punished with greater rigor than those that infringe According to the Norm, the power of the State cannot be normative if it does not contemplate Special Cases, if so, the State itself loses its foundation, but there is less to justify anomic or madly individualistic attitudes without any Social Responsibility of irresponsible actions that are made in formal individual that go against the Whole.

It is necessary to recreate an ETHICS OF RESPONSIBILITY where the Other is my similar and I preserve myself for myself and the other for the other or for me. If these Social Responsibilities are not assumed, freedom does not exist, it becomes asocial and meaningless behavior towards the Community and Society where they live.