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THE WORLD TO COME: Response to the Presence

 THE WORLD TO COME: Response to the Presence

Nothing will be the same after this Pandemic, let's see:

a. Humans want to socialize again but Virtual Work is here to stay. In Companies and Schools, as well as in Higher Studies. So-called hybrid models won't work for at least two years. You should continue working and studying online .. Socialization through other forms and new ways of life. Human contact will not be lost, yes, the world will not be like it was before COVID -19.

b. Videoconferences and video calls will supplant the congresses or business and educational meetings in person. Even the big Forums will be made online and with increasingly perfected high technologies. The big face-to-face congresses or meetings of labor or educational decisions will be over. They will come, apart from the already used ones, new Technology Platforms - which are already being worked on their Hardware and Software - which will communicate to us live.

c. Homes will gradually become more technological with the provision of large technology companies and in agreement with the States. The physical location of company-workers. Educational Center- students will be questions of the past, since online interaction will be the Future.

d. Productivity and knowledge will no longer depend on bosses or directors but everything will be resolved in Platforms that will help measure results, KPI's and efficient times.

The global citizen is already a fact.


. Companies and educational institutions. that do not invest in Technologies, will be left out of the new system or will simply be destined to reconvert or disappear.

F. Schools and Universities will not be able to return to the old schemes, studying offline and online will be normal.

g. Climate Change will be fundamental and the valuation of Nature will be essential, we will go from COVID to Climate Change as an Essential issue, a great opportunity for Union and global Solidarity to help and solve other great issues. Solidarity must replace Selfishness or xenophobic Confinement.

And above all, Solidarity will prevail or the conflict will not benefit anyone 

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